World Swing Dance Council Registered Competitions

Juniors Jack & Jill (Must be 17 years of age or younger)
Masters Jack & Jill (Must be 50 years of age or older)
Novice Jack & Jill (Less than 15 Novice points necessary)
Intermediate Jack & Jill (More than 15 Novice points necessary)
Advanced Jack & Jill (More than 30 Intermediate points necessary)
*All Stars/Champions Jack & Jill (More than 45 Advanced points necessary)

WSDC Points: Click here to access the WSDC Points Registry Rules page for more details.
*All Stars/Champions is open to any All Stars or Champions that do not qualify for the “Champion of Champions” Invitational based on peer vote*


Non-World Swing Dance Council Registered Competitions

Champion of Champions Invitational Jack & Jill

Open to All Star and Champion level competitors. Everyone that wishes to participate will be included in a potential nominee list. We will ask the finalists from the last two years to nominate any individuals they desire to be on the ballot. All individuals on the ballot will vote for their top 10 from the opposite role. We will tabulate all of the votes, and this will generate our Invitational list. Competition to be danced at 4:15PM, Sunday. Please PRE-REGISTER for an All Star Champion Pass HERE! That way we can include everyone in the ballot process that is both qualified and would like to be included. Please contact us HERE with any questions.

*THE* All American (High-Low) Jack & Jill

Dancers of any skill level or age may enter the division. Everyone will be randomly sorted to select a partner. Dancers will be separated into Newcomer through Intermediate and Advanced through Champion. If you are Intermediate or below, you are guaranteed to draw a dancer of Advanced level or higher, and vice-versa. This creates a very fun and social competition in which anyone could place.

Generational Strictly Swing

This is the one Strictly Swing style division of the weekend so that those who wish to compete in a Strictly on the weekend have the opportunity to do so. However, this Strictly Swing has a unique twist. Each couple must have 20 years of age separating them. ie: a 20 year old must dance with someone 40 years of age or older, a 60 year old must dance with someone 40 years of age or younger. This challenge creates a fun opportunity to dance with people competitively that you may not normally.

Click here for general Phoenix 4th of July Competition rules