Phoenix 4th of July Volunteers 2021



Be sure to come back for 2021. This event depends on our volunteers. The Greater Phoenix Swing Dance Club (GPSDC) is a non-profit dance club run by volunteers. More volunteers are needed during the convention and by being part of the event, you can earn your event ticket

There are many opportunities available; please see the list below

To receive a full weekend pass, you must work a total of 10 hours. If you do not work a full 10 hours you will be credited $10 per hour toward the purchase of a pass for work completed.

You will be required to provide us a check before the convention for your ticket, and it will be returned to you after you work your 8 hours.

There is a pre-party kick off for the Volunteers/staff! July 2nd, 2019. 7:00 P. M. This will be held at the Camelback Inn, in the Manor house.

 If you would like to volunteer:  Complete form or
If you want to volunteer email:  Becky Wilson or Penny Peterson, Penny.artist@gmail.comsure 

Complete Your Volunteer Form Below

Thank you for considering volunteering. Please complete this form and you will be contacted regarding your request. Please choose at least 3 items on the check list, or click “Open”

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