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Ingrained in Phoenix 4th of July’s heart and soul is a large emphasis on the Jack & Jill style of competition. Simply put, this consists of dancers entering as individuals and drawing their partner at random. This embodies the most important components of West Coast Swing… Social atmosphere, connection, and improvisation. Narrowing down our competitions allows our attendees to enjoy the fantastic workshops available, the remarkable hotel, and allows for the maximum amount of social dancing starting as early as 10 pm.

Our contests include the Jack & Jills, Strictlys, Champions, All American Hi-Lo, Just for Fun, the ever-popular Generational Strictly Swing, and MORE! We have a contest for everyone–Juniors, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, All Star, Champions, Masters. And if you didn’t know it, we are a degendered event.

You must register for a weekend pass to compete at Phoenix 4th of July. Competitors are responsible for reading and abiding by our rules as well as the rules of the WSDC.


Register for the correct level according to your WSDC points then get paired with a random partner in the same level to dance to songs picked by the DJs.
Divisions:  Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, All Star, Champion


Pick your partner and dance to songs picked by the DJs. Be sure to register for the correct division according to the WSDC points for the partner in the highest level.

Divisions: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, All Star, Champion


This is the one Strictly Swing style division of the weekend so that those who wish to compete in a Strictly on the weekend have the opportunity to do so. However, this Strictly Swing has a unique twist. Each couple must have 20 years of age separating them. ie: a 20 year old must dance with someone 40 years of age or older, a 60 year old must dance with someone 40 years of age or younger. This challenge creates a fun opportunity to dance with people competitively that you may not normally.

Champion of Champions Invitational Jack & Jill

Open to All Star and Champion level competitors. Everyone that wishes to participate will be included in a potential nominee list. We will ask the finalists from the last two years to nominate any individuals they desire to be on the ballot. All individuals on the ballot will vote for their top 10 from the opposite role. We will tabulate all of the votes, and this will generate our Invitational list. Competition to be danced at 4:15PM, Sunday. Please PRE-REGISTER for an All Star Champion Pass! That way we can include everyone in the ballot process that is both qualified and would like to be included. Please contact us with any questions.

All American (High-Low) Jack & Jill

Dancers of any skill level or age may enter the division. Everyone will be randomly sorted to select a partner. Dancers will be separated into Novice through Intermediate and Advanced through Champion. If you are Intermediate or below, you are guaranteed to draw a dancer of Advanced level or higher, and vice-versa. This creates a very fun and social competition in which anyone could place.


In the preliminary round(s), dancers are evaluated individually based on their skills as a leader and a follower, as well as their ability to switch between roles. Dancers will move up as individuals (not as a couple). Dancers will be paired up in finals and judged as a couple in the final round of the competition.

TEAMS Challenge

SwingDanceSport® TEAMS Challenge . . . how does it work?

1: Create and name your “TEAM”.

2: Register as many couples as you like in each of the 5 Strictly Swing divisions participating in the Challenge: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Masters, & All-Stars.

3: The Teams will be awarded points determined by the SDS board.
All Team members will also earn points for their Teams in their individual JnJ’s . Only the team members placing highest in their StrictlySwing and J&J divisions will earn points for their teams.
Leader or Follower, must dance in the same role in StrictlySwing and Jack&Jill comps!

4: Each Team pays a $100 entry fee; all entry fee money goes to the prize purse.
(Note: SS Couples must sign up for their respective SS Comps and also for the individual J&J Comps at the Event, prior to the deadlines set.)

5: Prize money, as winner takes ALL, will be presented at the Awards Ceremony to the winning Team!

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Please read our complete rules for competition.
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