P4th Programs

The members and board of directors at the Greater Phoenix Swing Dance Club (GPSDC) make it part of our mission to provide safe, learning environments for our youth.

Junior passes are available to anyone less than 18 years of age as of the start of the Event. The GPSDC sponsors Juniors by covering the cost of a Junior pass, plus entry fee for the Junior J&J contest. Be sure to contact us at [email protected], before registering, to let us know your Junior will be attending.

Juniors have the opportunity to participate in 2 Free Classes, 2 Junior competitions, a Pizza Party, and meet up with and dance with old and new friends!!! Ryan Boz and Seth Meyer will each be teaching Junior workshops. Check the schedule for dates and times.

Phoenix 4th of July Convention has a diverse youth/junior program designed to encourage the next generation of dancers to learn, grow and compete in a nurturing environment. We recognize the financial burden this puts on the families. We have created a sponsorship program for donations for this purpose. Please consider donating to the GPSDC Juniors program here.


Participate in Special Workshops taught by top pros


In a safe environment....


Contact us about FREE entry fees for the Junior J&J contest!

GPSDC supports junior dance!